Certified Organic Cotton Masks for Kids

Organic Cotton Covid Mask for ChildrenFeatures:  This is a 5 pack of organic cotton unisex children’s mask made to fit kids between 3-6 years and 6+ years. Features thin, soft elastic ear-loops and a comfortable nose bridge for a close fit. Made from two layers of cotton—the outer layer is designed to block larger particles and the inner layer is designed to block smaller particles. Both layers are extremely soft and are designed to help disperse moisture, making this mask comfortable for all day wear. These masks can be washed by hand and hung to dry or washed with a normal load of laundry.

Green Factor:  These masks are GOTS-certified, which is an international standard for organic cotton purity.

Bonus: There’s a 10% off coupon and because it’s available through Amazon Prime, you’ll have it in days— won’t have to wait weeks like masks made overseas.

Find It Here: Certified Organic Cotton Masks for Kids

Get Healthy, Organic Groceries Delivered Free


Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Then you’re in luck! You can now get a wide assortment of groceries, household necessities (and anything from Whole Foods) delivered without the extra fee they used to charge. It’s now included in your Prime membership.

The program is called Amazon Fresh and I’ve had great luck getting disinfectants from Fresh when they’re not available anywhere else. (Yes, Lysol isn’t organic or natural but given the pandemic we find ourselves living with, I do use Lysol and Clorox wipes when absolutely necessary).

But the best part is I can get all the things I normally get from Whole Foods delivered for free! If I want it within two hours, there’s a small fee but I’m never in that much of a hurry so I just make my $35 order, tell them when I want it and they deliver it fast and fresh every time. Just don’t forget to tip the Amazon Fresh delivery people…essential workers make this service possible!

BONUS: Get $10 off your first Whole Foods Market order of $50. Just select your favorite items from Whole Foods Market and enter this promotional code:  SAVE10WF