Green Directory

Our at-a-glance directory of the best green resources we can find. Bookmark it and use it as a cheat sheet.

Find Out Exactly What to Avoid for Greener, Safer Living

  • 12 Products You Should Avoid – This list is a great starting point for eliminating toxic things from your life and protecting the earth.
  • The Dirty Dozen – A list of the twelve most (and least) pesticide-contaminated produce items plus a printable wallet guide to take with you when you shop. Also, a primer on why it’s so important to limit exposure to pesticides in food.

Find Out Whether Your Body Products are Safe

  • Safety Guide to Children’s Personal Care Products – find out which popular brands of children’s body care products contain hazardous chemicals and unsafe ingredients and which brands are safer.
  • Cosmetic Safety Database – enter the skin care products that you use into this search engine to find out how safe they are. Get safety ratings for make-up, shampoo, nail polish, and more.

Find Out How to Stay Informed About Toy Recalls

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission E-Alerts – subscribe to this list serve to be notified whenever infant/child products are recalled by the CPSC.
  • Not in My Cart – bookmark this page and check back regularly for all the CPSC and FDA recalls in a simple list with a photo.
  • Kids in Danger – sign up for e-alerts related to children’s product safety (a non-profit service).

Find Out More About Safe Toys

  • – nominate your toy to be tested by the Ecology Center for lead, PVC, arsenic and other harmful chemicals.

Find Out About Green Decor on a Budget

Find Out How to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

  • TerraPass Cell Phone Recycling Program – send them your cell phone and they’ll recycle it for you and send you a gift certificate to offset the carbon emissions from your car, home or business. They pay phone shipping costs.
  • Earth 911 – enter your zip code on the homepage to find recycling centers for more than 20 types of items – from antifreeze and asbestos to toys and televisions.
  • Waste-Free Lunches – get tips on how to start a waste-free lunch program at your child’s school and find out where to buy lead-free laptop lunch kits.

Find Out How to Get Rid of Junk Mail

  • Catalog Choice – save a few million trees and get rid of those unwanted catalogs!
  • Green Dimes – this service promises to stop up to 90% of your junk mail and will plant 10 trees on your behalf.

Find Out How to Get Organic Produce Delivered

Find Out How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Find Out About Chemicals in Your Child’s Environment

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