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I’ve seen my fair share of eco-parent websites and I’m SO impressed with The Green Mom Review. You’ve really managed to strike the perfect balance between stuff and useful information, which is a difficult task, and you do it while being genuine and not at all preachy. Honestly, I’m sitting here in my office gushing about TGMR to my office-mate. I’ll definitely be passing this link around! Keep up the awesome work, ladies. -Amanda, The Environmental Working Group’s Enviroblog

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Thank you for running the contest with our stainless steel lunch carrier. The traffic to our site this month practically doubled around the day you wrote about us, and we are expecting this to be our best sales month ever! – Healthy Kitchenware

We couldn’t have asked for a better result from our Green Mom Review giveaway. We had one of our highest traffic days ever, got a ton of new fan club members, and several orders. If any of those three things are important to you, a Green Mom Review giveaway is a great move! – Andy, Marketing Coordinator, Liz Lovely Cookies

Thank you for the wonderful post on Green Mom Review today! It has driven a lot of traffic to our site so we are thrilled! – Sydney Waldron, Dropps

Thank you for the kind and detailed write up on your site. We loved reading your thorough description and appreciate all the effort you put in to reviewing our product. It was amazing how quickly we heard from Green Mom Review readers! You’ve turned us into fans as well! – Nick and Erin Cloke, Owners, Kicky Pants

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you, I couldn’t be more pleased with the write up and the exposure. It looks great and has generated a lot of traffic to my site. – Heather, Owner, Bag Green

We love your website! The contest idea, the colors, the name of the company, the fun, simple and strong writing in the reviews, the layout of the reviews, the products you are finding. It’s really great. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource! -Tabby Biddle, Owner and Designer, Lotus Blossom Style

You are providing an extremely useful service that is totally in line with our goal of getting important green info out to as many folks as possible. By highlighting new funky products and providing a fun forum for info exchange, you’re helping change the world! Keep up the great work! – Jay at Life Without Plastic

Love the look, feel, and content of your site. It’s brilliant, bold and beautiful. And I’m not even a mom! Thank you! – Sara, TGMR Reader and Co-Founder of YogiChocolate

I absolutely love this site — it is my favorite, and I am a big researcher, etc. looking for sites that speak to me and this one — the way it is organized, the comprehensive, wonderful, timely information you provide is the best site out there!! So, thank you, thank you! – Lisa B.

Love your new green site! I added your cute little link on my sidebar! I’m all for going green, and its about time some one talks about it. GREAT JOB – Melissa Q.

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“I stumbled upon The Green Mom Review while surfing the Internet one night (when I should have been sleeping). Now let me just tell you I am not being paid to write this! I am just sharing with you a site that is informative and should be bookmarked and shared with all moms! The site is easy to navigate, fun to read, ads pertain to the heart of the blog owners and best of all they have great giveaways!! If you have some extra time surf on over, grab some green info., enter a contest and see what they have to say! Maybe even post a comment or two, subscribe and enter to win a contest. Moms should support sites like this!” – Green and Clean Mom

“I’ve been making regular visits to the Green Mom Review website. It’s like having a best girlfriend who knows about all of the best earth-friendly, toxic-free things you need for your family. As interest in “going green” increases, more and more “green” products are entering the marketsphere. It’s great to have a website like Green Moms that helps moms find the good stuff.” Earth Surf

“For parents concerned about pesticides in their family’s food, you can now download the Environmental Working Group™s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticide in Produce….I find a lot of these type of resources over at The Green Mom Review, a stellar website that plugs eco-minded parents into practical green products and resources for their families. Check it out!”Comox Valley Kids

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Mom With a Blog – Max Gladwell, Sustainablog

“I just stumbled (twittered, actually) onto the coolest website called The Green Mom Review…Green Mom Review is a really grounded way to get info on healthy living, fun finds, eco-responsible shopping, and just in general living fun! It is not just for families — being human is the only characteristic you need to dig this site. …Love it, definitely going on my blogroll. Check it out!” – Best Green Blog