Organic Produce Delivered

organic-produce-jj-001.jpgThere’s nothing like getting a care package delivered to your door – especially when it’s a box full of yummy fruits and veggies. If you’ve ever been disappointed with the produce at your local supermarket or you’ve just always wanted to eat more seasonally, then you might consider signing up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Depending on the CSA you join, the produce may be delivered to your door or they may have a nearby location for pick-up. Most CSAs offer organic produce, and some also offer flowers, fruit, meat, honey, eggs and dairy products. Want to know where the CSAs are in your area?Find It Here: Local Harvest (just enter your zip code on the homepage)

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Simple and Sustainable

4001org_03.jpgMy favorite onesie of all time is this 100% organic cotton onesie from American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition line, made in Los Angeles. I just love how simple and soft it is, and they work great as undershirts in the winter. But as much as I love this onesie, I really dig the company’s fair-wage practices. The average experienced sewer makes about $25,000/yr and receives company-subsidized, affordable health insurance, parking, subsidized public transport, subsidized lunches, a bike lending program, paid days off, and ESL classes. Oh, and how could I forget the free on-site massages? Yeah, they get those too. No joke.

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It’s Easy Being Green

It's Easy being GreenA handbook for those who want to do more for the environment but don’t want to work really hard at it. This friendly guide offers practical yet simple suggestions that anyone can follow including tips on adopting greener buying habits; finding earth friendly products; cultivating a sustainable environment; participating in online activism and much more.

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