Meet the Women of TGMR

Janet Dern, Publisher and Editor
I first started thinking more seriously about green issues and the environment when I got pregnant with my first child. It started with buying organic milk when I was pregnant so my baby wouldn’t be exposed to bovine growth hormones (rBGH) in utero. From there, I became much better informed and frankly, a little dejected about the state of our food, water, air and the overall health of the planet. So, for the past twelve years I’ve been slowly greening my family’s life as much as possible and irritating Rush Limbaugh fans everywhere with all my liberal environut talk about saving the planet. Elsewhere… I am a Parent Ambassador for Healthy Child Healthy World, a Sustainability and Environment panelist for MWW Pulse and if you’re in Canada, you can find my articles on green living in Birth of a Mother magazine.

Cristina Matthews, Co-Founder and Contributor
A few years ago I didn’t know what Bisphenol A was or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or that my lipstick could be toxic. Heck, I even assumed that all toys were safe. But it was learning that I was bathing my son with shampoo that could cause cancer that really shocked me and instigated my interest in “green living”. Today, you’ll find me reading environmental blogs and scouring the Internet to find safer products for my family. In the name of full disclosure, you should know that I sometimes take long showers, and I’ve been known to wrap sandwiches in plastic (don’t tell). I’m not perfect, but I’m becoming more conscious of how my choices have an impact and I’m trying to do my best. When I’m not online, I can be found working part-time as a writer and project manager in the public health field or, alternately, playing peek-a-boo with my two sons in California.