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We can’t promise that everything we feature is 100% safe because that would be impossible, but we can promise that we will feature products that we feel are better for the environment than most other products we’ve seen out there. We look for finds that are organic, fair-trade, sustainably produced and/or free of harmful chemicals, like phthalates, BPA and lead, for example. However, the products we feature are not guaranteed to be free of those or any other other harmful components.

Additionally, information provided and products featured on this website are not intended to serve as medical advice or as a substitute for medical assistance and are in no way guaranteed to be harmless. The Green Mom Review accepts no liability for damage or harm, inferred or implied, that may be caused by the products/information featured at www.thegreenmomreview.com. We believe our readers are intelligent, capable people who will carefully look into any product before using it, rather than basing their decision solely on a post they read on this site.

In a non-legalese nutshell, we post information and feature products that we would use ourselves because we think they are better alternatives to the status quo but we can’t guarantee that you will like or be satisfied with the products and services we feature. We do our best to make sure that they meet our own personal standards BUT we’re not chemists, scientists, doctors, safety experts or consumer advocates in any capacity so we respectfully ask that you regard us as your green, safety-obsessed friends instead of highly-paid professionals or experts in any of the aforementioned fields, ‘kay?

The Green Mom Review does NOT accept compensation for featuring products but if we ever do, we’ll definitely disclose that fact. We DO occasionally link to products sold on Amazon.com, an online retailer for which we are an affiliate. If you purchase the product we linked to, we make a very small commission. This helps us offset the cost of running The Green Mom Review.

And one last point of clarification… We are not a “review” site. We are a shopping and resource site. We have the word “review” in our name but it’s not meant to suggest that we do reviews (we do “features”) but rather to indicate that we are a journal or compendium of useful information, which we are.

Photos used on the site are the property of their respective owners and are only borrowed for the express purpose of providing information about a featured product. If you do not wish to have your product photo on The Green Mom Review, use our contact form to send us a note and we will promptly take it down. And just to clarify, unless otherwise noted, we do own all the written content on this site so please don’t copy. Not even a little.

We are happy to check out your product for a possible feature on our site, however, if you choose to send us a sample of something, be aware that we do not return samples, nor do we guarantee that we will feature the product we are sampling. We reserve the right to retain samples for possible future promotional purposes and if they’re edible and tasty? Well, then you’re definitely not getting them back. Please read our Submissions page for more information.

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