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guidecover.jpgDid you know that genetically engineered food crops actually require more pesticides and herbicides than non-genetically modified food crops? This means we’re ingesting more toxic chemicals on genetically engineered or modified (GE/GMO) foods, which, incidentally, have never been proven safe for the environment OR human consumption. It’s also not labeled as GE/GMO  so we can’t even avoid it just by reading the ingredients. This is why the True Food Network’s True Food Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods was created — because you have the right to know what’s in your food!

The list, compiled primarily from direct communications with food producers, focuses on foods made with ingredients that are commonly derived from GE/GMO crops — the most widely grown being corn, soy, canola and cotton. The list also contains companies that have made a concerted effort to avoid GE/GMO ingredients and have company policies asserting their position on avoiding GE/GMO foods.

Download the list, print it out and keep it handy for when you’re grocery shopping or get the mobile app for your phone.* According to the New York Times, more than 70 percent of car buyers do some research before making a purchase. Shouldn’t we put at least that much effort into learning more about the food we eat?

*Get the mobile app for free on iTunes (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) or Android Market by searching for “True Food.”

For more info on avoiding GMO’s, please read this article from Healthy Child, Healthy World.

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