Making Every Day Earth Day

I say this each year and 2011 is no different… Every day is Earth Day around here. Of course we like the idea of a special day to draw attention to our home planet and all the reasons we need to better care for it but it’s a 365 day-a-year job, folks. One day of acknowledging mother Earth and teaching the kids about what it means to love her isn’t enough. If we really want to save this planet, we need to incorporate all the things we all do and talk about on Earth Day into our everyday lives lives.

Of course, every little bit helps, but it helps a lot more when it’s a lifestyle change, particularly en masse, rather than an annual nod. That said, I’m asking everyone who reads this to think about one thing you don’t do regularly and turning it into something you do all the time.

It can be as simple as:

• no longer using plastic bags because you make a habit of bringing your own.

• buying only recycled toilet paper (This one is big folks…do you know how many virgin forests are mowed down for toilet paper every year? Trees=oxygen. Oxygen=life)

• packing yours or your kids’ lunches with reusable containers instead of disposable baggies. (This one saves money)

• carrying a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go so you are less compelled to buy a plastic bottle of something when you get thirsty. (This one saves money, too)

These are just four examples of simple and relatively painless lifestyle changes that could make a huge difference if every person incorporated them into their lives. Commit to them and then reward yourself by bringing your reusable mug to Starbucks for some free coffee!

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