Whole Foods Organic Strawberry Sale

Strawberries…they’re so delicious and good for you that it’s hard to imagine any reason to avoid them. Unfortunately, it’s a well-known fact in organic circles that conventional strawberries have an incredibly high pesticide load and are to be avoided like the plague. Lucky for strawberry-lovers like me, organic ones are commonly available theses days—for a premium, which means they’re usually really flippin’ expensive.

Tomorrow (4/29), however, Whole Foods is having a sale on organic strawberries. While supplies last, you can get a pound of delicious, antioxidant-rich, pesticide-free strawberries for the bargain price of $1.99. That’s $4 less than I usually pay and if my math is correct, an 80% discount. I plan to buy extra and freeze them for smoothies, which are my old stand-by when I find myself without any fresh fruits or vegetables for dinner.

Don’t forget, Friday 4/29. Enjoy!

Find It Here: Whole Foods

Making Every Day Earth Day

I say this each year and 2011 is no different… Every day is Earth Day around here. Of course we like the idea of a special day to draw attention to our home planet and all the reasons we need to better care for it but it’s a 365 day-a-year job, folks. One day of acknowledging mother Earth and teaching the kids about what it means to love her isn’t enough. If we really want to save this planet, we need to incorporate all the things we all do and talk about on Earth Day into our everyday lives lives.

Of course, every little bit helps, but it helps a lot more when it’s a lifestyle change, particularly en masse, rather than an annual nod. That said, I’m asking everyone who reads this to think about one thing you don’t do regularly and turning it into something you do all the time.

It can be as simple as:

• no longer using plastic bags because you make a habit of bringing your own.

• buying only recycled toilet paper (This one is big folks…do you know how many virgin forests are mowed down for toilet paper every year? Trees=oxygen. Oxygen=life)

• packing yours or your kids’ lunches with reusable containers instead of disposable baggies. (This one saves money)

• carrying a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go so you are less compelled to buy a plastic bottle of something when you get thirsty. (This one saves money, too)

These are just four examples of simple and relatively painless lifestyle changes that could make a huge difference if every person incorporated them into their lives. Commit to them and then reward yourself by bringing your reusable mug to Starbucks for some free coffee!

Mimi the Sardine Apron

What: Eco-friendly child’s apron from Mimi the Sardine

Features: Swedish-made, acrylic (non-PVC) coated, water-resistant cotton apron for crafts and kitchen fun. Wipe it clean or safely machine-wash.

Green Factor: PVC-free, meets Oeko-Tex 100 standards for safe and environmentally friendly fabrics, free of harsh chemicals and dyes.

Bonus: Made in USA

Find It Here: Oompa Toys

Lower Your Family’s BPA Exposure by 60%

So, if you’re not familiar with BPA (bisphenol-A) by now, I’ll give you the condensed version…it’s a chemical. It’s found in lots of things like can linings, baby bottles, pacifiers, food containers, receipts, dental sealants and more and it does lots of bad things to your body—BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancer as well as obesity, early puberty, cardiac disease and lowered sperm counts, even at the low levels. Research indicates it’s best to be avoided, as evidenced by most of the civilized world banning it from baby bottles.

Canada took it a step further and declared it a toxic substance. Yay Canada! Here in America, however, we have a huge chemical lobby that has convinced our government representatives (yes, the ones who are supposed to be representing citizens, not chemical companies) to not ban BPA from baby bottles or anything else.

So, what are we supposed to do?

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Greener Entertaining

Parties are notorious for consumption and waste but there are things you can do to green your party and be kinder to the environment. Remember, going green is not an all or nothing proposition—do what you can and it’ll help in the long run.

Recycle: Don’t let a party keep you from recycling. Provide plenty of refuse containers for garbage and recyclables and label them so that it is clear what kind of waste goes in it. The best containers are those that require some action or thought on the part of the user, like lifting a lid, stepping on a pedal or opening a cabinet (trust me, I got a masters degree in this stuff).

This simple act forces your guests to think and notice your recycling sign. If you have these types of containers and label them correctly, you’ll limit misplaced items. If you don’t, just use any containers and label the heck out of it. You’ll still get misplaced items but it’s better than nothing.

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