NextWorth at Target

What: NextWorth electronics trade-in program

Features: NextWorth is a program based out of Target retail stores where you can trade-in your old electronics & media (cell phones, iPods, game consoles, cameras & more) for a Target gift card. There are currently over 165 stores offering the program with more stores being added each week. Find a Store

Green Factor: NextWorth resells the devices and media  it buys from consumers, which helps to keep toxic electronics out of the wastestream and protects our air and groundwater.

Bonus: Get a quote for your item(s) right now

Find It Here: NextWorth

TrueBody Soaps

What: TrueBody bar soaps

Features: TrueBody soaps are lye-free and made from only five ingredients. They are also free of scents and masking ingredients and low in glycerine so they last longer than 100% glycerine bar soaps.

Green Factor: TrueBody soaps comes in a 3-pack to minimize packaging, are made from sustainably sourced palm and coconut oil, are made with natural ingredients and free of any synthetic preservatives.

Bonus: TrueBody soaps are made in the USA.

Find It Here: TrueBody soaps can be found at some Whole Foods stores and online at Amazon.

Good For You Girls

What: Natural skin care products for girls

Features: Skin care made especially for girls to help clean, balance pH, clear blemishes and protect their delicate skin from the elements without harsh, toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Green Factor: Good For You Girls products are free of synthetics, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates,dyes, hormone-disruptors and GMO’s plus the packaging is made from recycled materials and water-based inks.

Bonus: Good For You Girls products have a 100% money back guarantee and they’re vegan and cruelty-free.

Find It Here: Good For You Girls

Tell Washington to Dump Bottled Water

In the first three months of 2010 alone, the House of Representatives spent $190,000 taxpayer dollars on bottled water. Some quick math tells me that Congress is spending about $760,000 of our tax dollars a year on bottled water.

That’s a lot of money—money that could pay a lot of teachers’ salaries—so that our elected officials can sip on a product that’s both unnecessary AND bad for the planet.

Bottled water is not safer or healthier than tap water, and often comes from the tap anyway. It’s up to a staggering 1,900 times more expensive than tap water, and the energy needed to produce the plastic is enough to fuel nearly 3 million cars for a year. Additionally, nearly SIXTY BILLION plastic bottles are discarded as litter each year, ending up in landfills, lakes, streams and in gargantuan garbage whirlpools found in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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Features: Ennovationz is a web site that provides invaluable information and advice on how to save energy and money while living green.

Green Factor: Greening your home to save energy can be costly—there’s no way to sugarcoat that fact—but one of’s standout features is the rebate section. Plug in your zip code and it will return results about ways to get money back for making energy-saving investments in your home. I did it and I was amazed at all the changes we can make that will yield a rebate or a tax deduction.

Bonus: See how your energy usage compares with similar local homes, sign up for free utility bill analysis and monitoring or get personalized energy-saving recommendations.

Find It Here: Ennovationz