regreet.jpgWhat: Regreet

Features: From Christie Eichers comes a unique idea–Regreet, a way to reuse greeting cards and reduce paper waste. The idea is simple: put one of Regreet’s signature labels over the original sender’s message, and then write your own. Apply a journey label on the back of the card, pop it in one of Regreet’s envelopes, and you’re all set! The neat part about the Regreet system? Each journey label has a tracking code, so you can keep track of where your card goes through Regreet’s website.

Green Factor: Save money (we all know greeting cards are ridiculously overpriced!) and the environment by reusing cards instead of buying them

Bonus: Regreet donates a portion of their earnings to nonprofit organizations; this year, they’re supporting 4-H, The Nature Conservancy and Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Find It Here: Regreet

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