Favorite Things: Push Mowers

reel mowerWe recently got our FIRST push mower (also called a “reel” mower). We had been wanting to get one, especially my husband, because he hated our unreliable gas mower but it wasn’t until that motorized piece of junk finally died for good that he went and picked out a nice sturdy Craftsman push mower from Sears (NOT an endorsement or sponsored plug…he just digs Craftsman stuff).

He is in LOVE with it. No more trips to fill up the gas can, no more pulling on that annoying string thing to get it started, no LOUD noise, no more smelling like exhaust after mowing the lawn and best of all, no combustion engine to break AGAIN!

When the blades need sharpening, you can take them somewhere to be sharpened or if you have the tools, you can sharpen them yourself. Basic care is all it really needs!

Now, it won’t ride you around the yard on a padded seat and we didn’t get the bagging attachment so we won’t have that luxury either but there’s just something really satisfying about going off the petroleum-dependent grid, even if it’s just with a lawn mower.

Find It Here: Sears

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