Love This Lovey

teething2.jpgWhat: Dandelion Organic Teething Blanket

Features: The bear on this blanket has knotted appendages and wiggly ears for infants to touch, feel and teethe on; the soft material makes it the perfect bedtime companion (or anytime lovey!)

Green Factor: Made with the good stuff (100% certified organic cotton and natural dyes), not the bad stuff (pesticides and chemicals). Packaged in recycled materials.

Bonus: Baby Green Sprout only chooses products from companies that employ fair-trade and sweatshop-free standards.

Find It Here: Baby Green Sprout

Alphabet Soup: Produce Codes

produceWhen you’re shopping for produce, what do those numbers on the stickers mean?

The PLU “Price Look Up” code stickers on fruits and vegetables can help you identify organic, conventional and even genetically modified produce.

•  Organic produce stickers start with a 9 and have 5 numbers
• Conventional produce has 4 numbers
• GM (Genetically Modified) produce have 5 numbers like organic produce but start with the number 8 so be particularly cautious of those fruits and vegetables

Choose 9 for peace of mind!

Author Annie Malka is a mother of four living in the Florida Keys. She writes about cooking, nutrition, organic foods and sustainability at her blog Hip Organic Mama.

Up, Up and Away!

41jpfpxtp2l_sl500_aa280_.jpgWhat: Bamboo E-Plane

Features: Up, up and away! This wooden toy airplane from Hape is stylish, modern and built to last.

Green Factor: The environmentally-friendly E-Plane is made out of sustainable bamboo and is decorated with non-toxic, water-based dyes

Bonus: All of Hape’s products meet international safety and quality standards

Find It Here:

Goody for Goodie Boxes!

goodie-box.jpgWhat: Goodie Boxes

Features: The crowning touch at children’s birthday parties? The goody bags, of course. But more often than not, those bags are filled with cheap, plastic junk from the dollar store that no doubt winds up in a landfill somewhere. Check out this greener alternative: Goodie Boxes!

Green Factor: Each re-usable box is made from recycled cardboard and is printed with soy ink

Bonus: There are several different patterns to choose from and Green Party Goods also carries a great selection of non-toxic, fair trade and earth friendlier goodies to put in your Goodie Boxes

Find It Here: Green Party Goods