Charged Up


What: USB rechargeable batteries

Features: The numbers are staggering—over fifteen billion batteries are tossed into the trash each year, yet now more than ever, batteries are in demand. From Moxia Energy comes a forward-thinking solution: USBCELLs, batteries that can be charged via a USB port, allowing you to recharge virtually anywhere, without having to rely on a portable charger. Currently available are AA’s, with triple A’s, 9V and cell phone batteries on the way

Green Factor: With proper use, USBCELLs can be charged several hundred times before losing capacity, saving you money and reducing your household waste output! Batteries are sent back to the company (free of charge if you’re in the UK!) for recycling

Bonus: Check their web site – it’s packed with information on the batteries, their various uses, how to recycle them and much more.

Find It Here: USBCELL

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