Livin’ La VidaAire

vida3.jpgWhat: VidaAire Lemongrass Sanitizer and Air Purifier

Features: Odor neutralizer and sanitizer made from natural essential oils. Can be used virtually anywhere to sanitize any surface because it leaves no residue. Lemongrass oil is a natural disinfectant and the essential oils in VidaAire have been clinically proven to help alleviate stress and anxiety and elevate mood.

Green Factor: Non-ozone depleting, non-toxic, organic, safe for people with allergies to harsh chemicals.

Bonus: VidaAire smells lemony fresh and clean naturally.

Charged Up


What: USB rechargeable batteries

Features: The numbers are staggering—over fifteen billion batteries are tossed into the trash each year, yet now more than ever, batteries are in demand. From Moxia Energy comes a forward-thinking solution: USBCELLs, batteries that can be charged via a USB port, allowing you to recharge virtually anywhere, without having to rely on a portable charger. Currently available are AA’s, with triple A’s, 9V and cell phone batteries on the way

Green Factor: With proper use, USBCELLs can be charged several hundred times before losing capacity, saving you money and reducing your household waste output! Batteries are sent back to the company (free of charge if you’re in the UK!) for recycling

Bonus: Check their web site – it’s packed with information on the batteries, their various uses, how to recycle them and much more.

Find It Here: USBCELL

Wax On, Wax Green

wax_littletube.jpgWhat: Green Wax

Features: Skiers, snowboarders and surfers alike have been known to wax their equipment, which not only enhances their ability and execution, but protects expensive gear against the elements as well. Green Wax, an all-natural performance wax, is made in small batches and then poured in to recyclable tubes, bypassing the need for extrusion machinery and further reducing energy consumption and waste

Green Factor: Unlike most of its competition, Green Wax doesn’t come equipped with harmful toxins. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains neither PFC’s nor petroleum

Bonus: Endorsed by a third-party environmental research firm based at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, and made here in the United States

Find It Here: Green Wax

Story Building Barnyard

barnyard.jpgWhat: Ol’ Macs Story Building Barnyard

Features: Imagination rules with this 95-piece barnyard building set from Sprig Toys! Kids will have a blast building their own farm, and creating a fun storyline to go with it

Green Factor: Made out of recycled Sprigwood, a bio-composite material comprised of reclaimed wood bits and recycled plastic. Sprigwood is free of paint, soluble heavy metals, phthalates and endocrine disruptors

Bonus: This toy is 100% battery-free!

Find It Here: Sprig Toys

We’re Blushing!

mom_blogs_2010.jpgWe just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a couple of really nice nods we’ve gotten recently.

In December, Eco-Office Gals named The Green Mom Review as one of the top 10 green sites of 2009, along with the fabulous Big Green Purse  and Green & Clean Mom! Thanks ladies! We appreciate it 🙂

And more recently, Viewpoints named The Green Mom Review as one of the top mom blogs of 2010 alongside such notable sites as Cool Mom Picks, Dooce and  The Mommy Blog. Thank you for such a lovely honor!

The Safe Baby Products Act

Take ActionDid you know that even if it’s marked “pure and gentle,” baby shampoo might contain contaminants linked to cancer. That’s what the Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found nearly a year ago, when product tests revealed formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane in children’s shampoos, bubble baths and other cosmetics.

Yet because U.S. cosmetics are almost completely unregulated and the FDA has no authority to issue recalls on dangerous products, our government has taken no action.

Please support the Safe Baby Products Act, which would require the FDA to test kids’ products for contaminants and work to prevent contamination in the first place.

Find It Here:  Safe Baby Products Act

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