Paper Loop


What: Paper Loop Greeting Cards

Features: L.A.-based Paper Loop is an eco-friendly, wholesale stationary company that offers up a variety of fun and funky greeting cards for all occasions

Green Factor: Using recycled paper and envelopes, biodegradable sleeves, wind-powered printing and domestic suppliers are ways this company keeps it green

Bonus: Can be found in the US, Canada, the UK, Chile and Japan; will ship via buyer’s preference

Find It Here: Paper Loop

Pupa Pupa Playmates

pupapupa.jpgWhat: Pupa Pupa dolls

Features: Available at Etsy.com, these adorable, handmade companions (there are boy and girl dolls, mermaids, fairies and a collection of various animals) are stuffed with 100% sheep wool and sport outfits that, in most cases, are made of vintage or salvaged fabric

Green Factor: The material used for the dolls’ bodies is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, made in a facility that uses neither harmful toxins nor pollutants

Bonus: Because each doll is handmade, they’re all completely unique. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan and recently featured Pupa Pupa dolls in her Goop web site’s newsletter

Find It Here: Pupa Pupa

Oh, Wheely?

wheely-bug.jpgWhat: Wheely Bug

Features: The Wheely Bug is unisex, durable, lightweight and small – perfect for indoor play. Available in two sizes for children up to fifty pounds.

Green Factor: Made with non-toxic materials and is PVC-free. Each bug’s plywood base is made from renewable plantation timber

Bonus: Winner of numerous toy awards, encourages gross motor skills. Also, choose from a ladybug, a cow, a bumblebee or a gray mouse (complete with big pink ears and a tail!)

Find It Here: Prince Lionheart

Happy New Year, Eco Style

underthesea_upclose_4_8.jpgWhat: 2010 Linen Wall Calendar

Features: This unique, hand-illustrated calendar is a cool way to commemorate the start of a new decade! Printed in navy, with two eyelets for easy hanging

Green Factor: Made with naturally sustainable linen and printed with water-based inks

Bonus: Made in the US of A!

Find It Here: Linea Carta