Weekly Green Round-Up

Walmart Knows What’s Best for Us Green Moms. Right? by OrganicMania — Lynn shares her thoughts on the Walmart Sustainability Index, which they are putting together with NO consumer input. (This makes me feel all kinds of stabby, particularly as one of our ad networks, despite past objections, has been running Walmart ads this week on our site.)

Bottled Water is Best by Crunchy Chicken — Bottled water isn’t nearly as bad as you might think and Deanna will tell you exactly why… It’s awesome satire with a sly side of sarcasm.

Cast Iron Cookware by Big Green Purse — Diane discusses alternatives to toxic PFOA (i.e. Teflon) non-stick pans. I personally use cast iron and love it.

Reviewing ‘The Story of Stuff’ by Enviromom — In this post, Renee reminds me of a fantastic short film—The Story of Stuff is twenty minutes of awesome that I promise you won’t regret watching.

Why Bother by Crunchy Domestic Goddess — CDG discusses a NY Times article by author Michael Pollan about reasons to NOT give up and throw in the towel in fighting climate change.

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