It’s NOT Your Mother’s Patio Furniture

hdpe2.jpgReason # 386 why recycling is a good thing: outdoor furniture that’s can last a lifetime and? It’s made out of recycled water bottles and plastic containers.

It’s called HDPE (High Density Polyethlene) furniture, and it’s taking the outdoor market by storm. This isn’t your mother’s patio furniture. HDPE is extremely durable–it can withstand the harshest elements without rusting, cracking, splitting or peeling. There’s a huge selection that includes single pieces, entire collections and outdoor accessories, and unlike other more traditional patio sets, this furniture is available in a variety of FUN colors.

And if that sounds good, then check this out: HDPE furniture is super easy to maintain. A quick wipe with a wet cloth or a spray with the hose keeps it clean, and thanks to its rockin’ durability, HDPE furniture holds its own all year round, without having to be covered or stored.

Why waste your hard-earned greenbacks on wimpy, flimsy outdoor furniture that’s only going to wind up in a landfill when you can have HDPE furniture that will last, while soothing your conscience with the knowledge that it’s durable, as well as recycled?

Find It Here: Premium Poly Patios

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