Lead in Kids Products at Walmart & Target

Target and Walmart have been recently caught selling products that expose your children to lead. AGAIN.

Tests conducted by the Center for Environmental Health found lead-contaminated Walmart and Target store brand shoes, belts and raingear for kids. One Target product contained more than FOURTEEN times the legal limit for lead. This post at Z-Recs details how very high amounts of lead were found in the snaps of Target brand onesies

These stores need to hear from you. They are powerful companies who have the resources to ensure the products they manufacture and sell are safe for you and your children. It’s time they committed to doing just that.

Please join thousands of children’s health advocates and send a message to Target and Walmart by sending them a letter and telling them you will shop elsewhere until they provide absolute assurance that they are taking the necessary steps to keep lead-containing products off of their shelves AND make public their independent test results on all store-brand products.

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