Pamper Yourself *and* the Planet

sidebar_img2.jpgBath and beauty products that are made using all-natural ingredients and come in completely recycled packaging, from a company that doesn’t test on animals. That’s not too much to ask, now is it?

Not if you ask Danny Seo, whose line of organic skin care and body products, called wholearth, is chock full of goodness. Created by combining natural ingredients like juices and essential oils, beeswax and plain ol’ water, wholearth’s perfume spray and body specifics (such as wash, lotion, scrub and soufflé) are good for you and your bod, and our beloved Mother Earth.

What’s not in any of wholearth’s products is the bad stuff: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sodium laureth sulfates, aluminum and synthetic dyes, to name just a few. The list of harmful substances found in some of the bath and beauty products out there is long and hard to pronounce, whereas all of the additives used to make up wholearth’s delectable wares are USDA certified organic. Check their web site for a complete list of what goes in to their products, along with what, thankfully, doesn’t.

Find It Here: wholearth

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