Countertop Art

vetrazzo.pngIf I could change one thing about my kitchen, it’d be the countertops – they’re not hideous, but they’re not exactly my style, either—I could really go for something jazzier; something a bit funkier… Enter Vetrazzo, an award-winning company that makes countertops from recycled glass.

Eighty-five per cent of the glass used to create these countertop masterpieces comes from curbside collection programs, though Vetrazzo’s got lines on other types of glass, too: stained and laboratory glass, dinnerware, and old traffic lights (cool!). Their eclectic color palette boasts a wide array of gorgeous surfaces that are made up of specific glass mixtures -for example, Alehouse Amber, a calming blend of rich brown, amber and olive-green glass, comes courtesy of wine and beer bottles. Soda bottles, condiment jars and water bottles make up the Bistro Green palette, whereas Millefiori (my personal fave) highlights leftover bits n’ pieces from one of the world’s largest art glass manufacturing companies.

These stunning countertops are made in Richmond, California, in the same building where Ford Model A’s were first manufactured some seventy-eight years ago. Since Vetrazzo’s taken over, the historic building, which sat vacant for over fifty years, has been transformed in to a green facility where discarded glass is transformed from garbage…to glorious!

Find it Here: Vetrazzo

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