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As part of its “Be Good to Your Whole Body” campaign, for the month of October, Whole Foods Market has created podcasts focusing on maintaining a healthy mood.  As the seasons change, these simple, free tips, consider how conscious breathing, herbs, and eating well, can help maintain a healthy mood.

Just listen to one or all of the podcasts and leave a comment telling Whole Foods what you think of their work. On October 30th, one commenter will be randomly chosen to receive a $100 Whole Foods gift card!

You can find the podcasts here. Listen and then then comment on one or more of the following podcasts: Breathe and Meditation for Stress Relief, Herbal Approaches for Healthy Mood and Boost your Back to School Brain Power.

Easy peasy!  (and, obviously, the more you comment, the better your chances of winning that $100 gift card!)

Pamper Yourself *and* the Planet

sidebar_img2.jpgBath and beauty products that are made using all-natural ingredients and come in completely recycled packaging, from a company that doesn’t test on animals. That’s not too much to ask, now is it?

Not if you ask Danny Seo, whose line of organic skin care and body products, called wholearth, is chock full of goodness. Created by combining natural ingredients like juices and essential oils, beeswax and plain ol’ water, wholearth’s perfume spray and body specifics (such as wash, lotion, scrub and soufflé) are good for you and your bod, and our beloved Mother Earth.

What’s not in any of wholearth’s products is the bad stuff: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sodium laureth sulfates, aluminum and synthetic dyes, to name just a few. The list of harmful substances found in some of the bath and beauty products out there is long and hard to pronounce, whereas all of the additives used to make up wholearth’s delectable wares are USDA certified organic. Check their web site for a complete list of what goes in to their products, along with what, thankfully, doesn’t.

Find It Here: wholearth

Countertop Art

vetrazzo.pngIf I could change one thing about my kitchen, it’d be the countertops – they’re not hideous, but they’re not exactly my style, either—I could really go for something jazzier; something a bit funkier… Enter Vetrazzo, an award-winning company that makes countertops from recycled glass.

Eighty-five per cent of the glass used to create these countertop masterpieces comes from curbside collection programs, though Vetrazzo’s got lines on other types of glass, too: stained and laboratory glass, dinnerware, and old traffic lights (cool!). Their eclectic color palette boasts a wide array of gorgeous surfaces that are made up of specific glass mixtures -for example, Alehouse Amber, a calming blend of rich brown, amber and olive-green glass, comes courtesy of wine and beer bottles. Soda bottles, condiment jars and water bottles make up the Bistro Green palette, whereas Millefiori (my personal fave) highlights leftover bits n’ pieces from one of the world’s largest art glass manufacturing companies.

These stunning countertops are made in Richmond, California, in the same building where Ford Model A’s were first manufactured some seventy-eight years ago. Since Vetrazzo’s taken over, the historic building, which sat vacant for over fifty years, has been transformed in to a green facility where discarded glass is transformed from garbage…to glorious!

Find it Here: Vetrazzo

Hooray for (Recycled) Plastic Toys!

toolset.jpgFrom Green Toys comes this sweet 15-piece toolset, a must-have for any budding carpenter. Kids can get right to work with the functional box and variety of tools, and will learn along the way because the hand-held tools bear their names on the handles. Not only is it made in the USA of recycled milk jugs— it’s also BPA, phthalate and lead free and is packaged in recycled cardboard without those super-annoying, impossible-to-undo twist ties. In other words, this is a toy that won’t take twenty minutes and a pair of pliers to open. Just open the box and PLAY! Fab green fact:  For every pound of recycled milk jugs used to make the products from Green Toys, enough electricity is saved to run a television for three weeks, and a laptop for four. Wow—plastic you can actually feel NOT bad about buying!

Find It Here: Lavish & Lime

Win a $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Card!

lunch20tray.gifChef Ann Cooper, also known as the “Renegade Lunch Lady,” has been making school lunch programs healthier across the U.S. for the past decade.  This is your chance to bring her to your school or district for your very own action plan to improve your lunch program.

Just create and post a 1 minute (One little minute, yo!) video to Youtube showing why your school is in need of a School Lunch Makeover, and submit the link to:

Send us a link to your video using this form  and your email address, and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a $50 Whole Foods Gift card, on October 8th! (use WF as the giveaway name and put your link in the Entry Answer field) Contest Closed.

You can learn more about Chef Ann and the Video contest here.

How To Recycle & Re-Fashion T-Shirts

diaper.jpgYou probably don’t think much about your old t-shirts once they’ve outlived their usefulness as, well, shirts. I know mine generally go to charity and if they’re not even fit for that, I’ve thrown them away. I know. *shameface* But I was recently introduced to to this awesome resource at Hide Your Arms where they have compiled a frillion different ways you can re-fashion and recycle old t-shirts. Seriously, you can make rugs, quilts, tote bags, pet clothes, yoga pants, cloth diapers, wrist warmers, halter tops, toddler dresses and SO MUCH MORE. I challenge you to NOT find something cool to do with your old tees. Now go…get busy. Gift-giving season is right around the corner.

Find it Here: Hide Your Arms