Turning Poop into Paper

picture-7.pngIt was the name – The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited – that first caught my attention, but the story behind it kept me lingering on their site. Boasting journals, note boxes and stationary, they make paper products using…wait for it…elephant dung.

The animal’s diet makes the poop ripe for becoming stationary. It’s chock full o’ short and medium grained fibrous materials, the right ingredients for making recycled paper. The company has partnered with conservation parks and mahouts to collect the dung for processing, which is detailed, step-by-step, on their site (quite an interesting read, that). Not surprisingly, a portion of their profits go toward benefiting elephant welfare and conservation programs.

I dare you to browse the Poo-Tique and find something you don’t like – everything is earth-aware and practical and seriously, how fun would it be to give your in-laws paper products made from poop?

Find It Here: The Great Elephant Poo Poo Company Ltd.

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