One of the Easiest Ways to Go Green

If you’re trying to be more green, like I am, but you get a little overwhelmed with all the organic this and Acronym-Free that—relax.

I’m about to you tell you the absolute easiest way for you to start being more environmentally friendly.


Use greener cleaning products.

Hold on.  Get back here.  I see a few of you running to chain yourself in front of your closet full of pine-fresh scented cleaning products.You don’t have to give up having a clean house to use green cleaning products.  And you don’t have to spend any more money than you’re spending right now.  In fact, you may even be able to spend a little less.

Cleaner.  Greener.  Less money.

Got your attention?

My first experience with green cleaning products was with Clorox Green Works dish soap.   The only reason I used it is because a PR company sent me a bottle for free, and I was convinced it wouldn’t work as well as my normal phosphate full soap.

Except… it did work.  Perfectly.

The next time I was in the grocery store, I took a look at the pricing on green cleaners.  Surprisingly, I found several brands that offered greener alternatives for pretty much the same cost as the nitrate infested options.

My two favorite brands are Green Works and Method. I’ve also tried (and loved) EcoStore products—but I don’t have the attention span or planning skills required to order my laundry detergent and then wait for it to be shipped to me.  It’s much easier for me to pick up a bottle of at Target or Wal-Mart.

Once I figured out that the harsh chemicals and toxins weren’t actually required to get something clean, I started to think about other natural cleaning solutions.

I remembered having heard something about vinegar.

You can clean damn near anything with vinegar and water.

I keep a huge jug of white vinegar in my house now and have various spray bottles of vinegar and water in my kitchen and bathroom cupboards.  I use it to wash windows, countertops, mirrors and toilets.  And it works.  A gallon of vinegar will cost next to nothing and you know exactly what chemicals you’re spraying all over your house.

Making the switch to green cleaning products has been the easiest eco-friendly change I’ve made in my life.  I use vinegar and water for most of my spray and wipe cleaning needs, and rely on Method and Green Works products for things like laundry and dishes.  Neither my house nor my budget has suffered from this change, and I’m not having to make an extra trip to a natural health food store for cleaning supplies.

Are you cleaning green yet?

TGMR columnist Britt Reints is desperately trying to reconcile being green with being pretty. You can find more of her soul-stirring emotional depth at Miss Britt, her personal blog.

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