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carpet.jpgEver hear of carpet tiles? How about green carpet tiles? Simply Green’s carpet tile is a great alternative to regular carpeting because each tile is made from recycled, renewable and environmentally friendly materials.

Quite honestly, there’s a whole whack of reasons why carpet tile is worth checking out, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll touch on a few of the ones I thought were the coolest. For one, Simply Green uses domestically grown soybeans to replace 90% of the petroleum based polymers that are found in polyurethane carpet backings. Celceram, a highly-refined material recovered via coal combustion, is used for the tiles’ backing, adding to their durability. The tiles are built to last and easy to clean, and compared to regular carpet, are less likely to absorb moisture by over 80%. Simply Green’s tiles have 30% less petroleum than standard carpet made with nylon, which I think is fantastic—the less reliant we are on foreign energy, the better.

If all of the above doesn’t make you think twice about installing regular carpeting again, consider this: carpet tiles are far easier to install than wall-to-wall. With all of the work that goes in to laying standard carpeting, lifting the tiles out of the box and putting them on the floor is a breeze by comparison. And with less work comes less waste—this method will reduce the amount of waste that a typical carpet install would generate by up to 20%. Plus? You can mix and match tiles to make your own patterns—can’t do that with conventional carpet! Simply Green carpet tiles are, quite simply, a smart alternative from a forward-thinking company.

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