SIGG Comes Clean: BPA in Bottles

sigg_bpa.jpgYesterday we learned that some SIGG reusable bottles do, in fact, contain bisphenol A (BPA). As proponents of eco-friendly living and staunch supporters of reusable bottles, we at The Green Mom Review are very unhappy that we based our SIGG bottle feature (April 2008) on misleading information directly from SIGG.

The fact is, we featured SIGG bottles on April 15, 2008. A day later, we posted an addendum regarding SIGG’s proprietary inner lining material. In this addendum, we also included a link to an official statment from SIGG with the subject line “Quality and Safety  Guarantee.”

In that statement, SIGG clearly states that there is no presence of BPA in their bottles. This was dated April 16, 2008. SIGG announced yesterday that their bottles are BPA-free ONLY IF manufactured AFTER August 2008. That’s quite a discrepancy in the timeline and we are very disappointed over what appears to be an intentional attempt by SIGG to deceive consumers.

To clarify, SIGG knew their bottles had BPA in them and they were less than forthcoming with this information in an official statement released in April 2008, well over a year ago, when the bottles were STILL being made with a liner containing BPA.

Using clever wording like “no presence” of BPA may get SIGG off the hook legally but they were still dishonest and as an editor of a green living site, I’m not pleased. As a mother, I’m incensed that SIGG would use semantics to mislead parents who are doing everything they can to keep BPA out of their kids’ bodies.

To find out if your SIGG bottles have the liner containing BPA, please compare with the pictures below:

 Check for BPA in lining of SIGG Bottles
Click image  to enlarge

For further questions or comments, consumers have been invited to email SIGG’s CEO.

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