Bug Off, Bugs

bug-it-off.jpgWhen my daughter gets bitten by a mosquito, an angry red welt shows up on the surface of her skin within minutes. I’ve never seen anything quite like it – one minute she’s outside playing and the next, she’s close to tears because she’s dotted with big, itchy bumps. The bites swell up, turn a bright shade of crimson and last for days – there have been times when I’ve deliberately kept her out of the public eye, lest folks think she’s covered in chicken pox.

I’ve been using bug spray on her this summer – sparingly, mind you – but unfortunately, it really hasn’t given her much relief. I was just saying to my husband earlier this month that I wished there was a product I could use on her without feeling like I was dousing her with chemicals, and then I heard about Bug-it-Off – a natural, organic bug repellent from Greenerways Organic that’s safe for people (including pregnant women!), pets and the environment. Bug-it-Off is the first – and only – organic bug spray to hit the shelves, and I gotta say, it’s about time!

Bug-it-Off is a mixture of pure water and essential organic oils (citronella and cedarwood). There are no additional ingredients – no soaps, glycerine or alcohol will take away from the oils. Those ingredients are added separately to each bottle so that they maintain their purest state; the end result is a product that’s not only 100% organic bur also DEET-free!

Find It Here: Bug-it-Off

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