Back to School at the Thrift Store

thrift.jpgIt’s that time again and personally, I groan because I loathe back-to-school shopping. While I do shop as greenly as possible for school supplies, I don’t have a lot of green options for uniforms, which both my kids wear to their public schools. Since I also don’t have boatloads of expendable income either, I hit the consignment stores and thrift stores first before I go shopping for any new uniform clothing.

If you go at the right time, which seems to be about a month before school starts around here, you can scoop up the stuff other parents are replacing for a fraction of the cost of new uniforms and you are, of course, conserving resources by not buying everything brand new.

Another reason to consider buying pre-owned school clothes, and uniforms in particular, is because many school uniforms companies now tout their clothing as being stain-resistant. Well, that would be awesome if stain-resistant fabric treatments weren’t made of toxic and persistent fluorochemicals. If you buy it used, there’s at least the likelihood that some of that treatment has worn away over time via repeated washing and drying.

The day I went shopping, the consignment store was closed so I still have to go there but the thrift store was a total success—I scored one pair of shorts, three skirts and one blouse for my daughter, all in mint condition and all for less than fifteen dollars! All I have to do now is find a few more shirts and maybe a couple jumpers. Between the used stuff I bought and what still fits from last year, she’ll be all set for school.

I got lucky with my son because my dear BFF sent me a big box of clothes with a lot of khaki shorts and pants and several polos in the colors he wears for school so he really needs nothing for the time being. WIN!

If you don’t already shop second hand, you should give it a try and seriously, don’t be grossed out because everything once belonged to someone else—it can all be washed!

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