A Bright Idea: Safer CFL Bulbs

greencfl.jpgI remember when compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) hit the shelves a few years ago. Despite their  high price tag I thought they were a fabulous idea (longer lasting, better for the environment, etc.), but when I found out that they contained small amounts of mercury, I began to wonder if using CFL’s was the most responsible choice for me to make, for both the environment and my family.

But here’s a bright idea: Clear-Lite, a small company in Florida, is introducing a new, environmentally friendly light bulb this summer called ArmorLite. What’s so great about these bulbs, you ask? Well, they help reduce glare, allowing consumers to see more clearly but even better, they just so happen to prevent mercury from becoming airborne if one breaks.

Each ArmorLite bulb is covered with an unbreakable silicone skin that prevents the mercury inside the bulb (and teeny, tiny little shards of glass) from spreading upon impact, making them safer to use and dispose of. The bulbs have a smaller amount of mercury than regular CFL’s and are also made with a mercury amalgam – the same stuff that dentists use for fillings.

Of course, they last longer than regular bulbs and qualify for the Energy Star program, as well, so while you’re seeing more clearly and not poisoning anyone with mercury, you’re also saving money and energy. WIN!

Find It Here: Clear-Lite 56xjsh79uq

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