Weekly Green Round-Up

Is there an Environmentally Friendly Form of Birth Control? by Dirty Diaper Laundry — Kim examines some popular methods of birth control to see if any of them can be called green.

What’s on My Food? — Holy poison potatoes, Batman! This site makes me 1) glad that we eat a lot of organic food and 2) upset that it can’t all be organic. I hope every person who has ever tried to argue with me about organic foods will look up their fave foods on this site. I promise I won’t gloat.

Remembering My Mom’s Lessons About Waste from No-Impact Man — We could learn a thing or two from the Japanese.

Pushing Your Way to Greener Grass : Environmentally-Friendly Reel Mowers from Crunchy Domestic Goddess — A closer look at the benefits of lawn mowers that run on people-power.  My husband totally wants one.

 The Revolution Will Not Be (Petrochemically) Fertilized by The Green Fork — Kerry sounds off about kitchen illiteracy and general ignorance about the food we eat and the possibility of an alternative food system.

Also… It’s That Time Again!

No, it’s not time to change your oil, or get your teeth cleaned or visit your in-laws. It’s something way better—the July Great Green Post Awards! The deadline is July 8th so shake a tailfeather and submit your info here!

And if you don’t know what the Great Green Post awards are, please read this so you can participate, too 🙂

One lucky submitter will win their choice of a reusable shopping bag OR three coupons for free HAPPYBABY Fresh Frozen Organic Baby Meals!

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