Local, Organic and Conventional

veggies_2.jpgMy husband just sent me this link to a short article on Current about how there is no “local vs. organic.” I was glad to read it because when I hear people say that buying local is better than organic and vice versa, it made no sense to me. They’re two completely separate things. Buy organic AND local, if you can, or choose the one that’s most important to you but don’t feel like you’re choosing between two equal options. One is specifically better for your body and health and the other is better for the environment.

I didn’t leave any comment on that article (because, honestly, I hate commenting anywhere that I’m required to register) but one person left a comment that they don’t buy organic because it’s too expensive and they can’t afford it. To me, the question is can you afford not to? Can you afford to get cancer or some other disease caused or potentiated by exposure to chemicals and pesticides?

I read so many arguments against organic foods and so often, it’s because of price but can you really put a price on your health? If you can’t afford to buy everything organic (and I do empathize because I know I can’t always afford it either) at least try to buy a few key things organic. You can read about which foods are most contaminated here and download the pdf wallet guide to bring with you when you shop for food (or if you have an iPhone, download the iPhone app).

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