June Great Green Post Awards

We started the Great Green Post Awards so that readers could give props to the writers of posts on green topics that they found particularly inspiring, informative or just plain GREAT.

If you would like to give an award for a great green post next month, please use this form to send us your submission.

Thanks to all who submitted for the June 2009 GGP Awards!

Pure Mothers awards Fake Plastic Fish

Erica Mueller of Green-Parents awards Brenda Priddy of Green-Parents

Mommy Melee awards The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Retro Housewife Goes Green and Non-Toxic Kids award The Smart Mama

Kate Pinnick awards Nena Baker of The Huffington Post

Lisa Frack of Enviroblog awards Elaine Shannon of Enviroblog

The Clothesline awards Green Baby Guide

Lori of Green Gigs awards Red Raven Circling

Heather of Earth Promise awards Adam of Earth Promise

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