Way More Useful Than a Glass Slipper

glass_w_straw2.JPGI know people who will NOT drink a beverage without a straw. One has very sensitive teeth and another refuses to drink without a straw because she has weak enamel, leaving her prone to cavities and stained teeth. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any alternative to offer my straw-addicted friends until recently when I was introduced to glass straws from GlassDharma. Though I honestly didn’t see how glass straws could possibly be practical, especially with children who break, ohhh, pretty much everything, I was intrigued by their “Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage.” When my DharmaGlass straws arrived, their sturdiness surprised me. Apparently, they use the same strict, computer-controlled process that Pyrex uses to insure strength and durability. My kids don’t care about any of that, though. They’re just happy to have straws (because I’m mean and won’t buy the plastic kind) and use their beloved glass ones almost every day to drink smoothies. I use my delicate little one to drink water although it would be perfect for a cocktail if I ever had time to actually drink one. In any case, after weeks and weeks of regular use, none of our three glass straws have broken and I can’t help but think about how much plastic would be saved from the environment if everyone had a glass straw of their very own (they have the coolest little hemp sleeves and bamboo cases!) And my two straw-fiend friends? Well, you KNOW what they’ll be getting for their birthdays…

Find It Here:  GlassDharma

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