A Greener Apple

green_apple-w150-h2000.jpgA Greener Apple (NYC) is the project of  New York City mom and producer/director Pamela French. She takes her camera to a variety of locales in New York City area for man/woman-on-the-street interviews asking people what they would do to make New York greener (A Greener Apple!) It’s actually very interesting to see where people’s heads are at in terms of greener living and what sorts of things they feel would make a difference. The responses range from highly aware and educated to flip and somewhat ignorant. Fortunately, most interviewed seemed to have an interest in more earth-friendly living and had pertinent thoughts on the subject, particularly the folks at the GSA (Green School Alliance). To all the folks that said “I would… (i.e. walk more, use less plastic etc) I have to wonder if you are doing that or if you WOULD do that to make NY greener. And of course, if you would, then please do!  That’s the only way any place is going to get greener. As a sidebar, did you know people surf in New York? I didn’t. Also? Lots of older guys surfing, which is way cool. Hang ten, old dudes! And be green!

If you’re visiting New York (or even if you live there), here’s a link to GreenMap NYC which will introduce you to great ways to get around, dine, recreate, work and live more in a more eco-efficient green way in the Big Apple.

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