Weekly Green Round-Up

Here’s How You Can Afford to Spend 30% More on Organic Food by The Big Green Purse

10 Tips For Safe Meat Grilling (Cut Cancer Risks) by Whole Food and More – A wealth of health information about cooking meats—the good, the bad and the ugly. It will definitely make you think twice about a lot of things.

The Laptop Lunch Flickr Group – did you know there was a Flickr group filled with photos of waste-free “laptop lunches”? Me, neither. There are a few foods that I cannot identify but nonetheless, it’s pretty cool and might give you some ideas.

Make it a Green Mother’s Day by My Green Side – Yes, I know Mother’s Day has come and gone but these ideas and gift suggestions will work for many a gift giving holiday so I’m sharing it anyway.

Chicks and Garden Update by Nature Deva – This is someone who is very much walking the walk if her backyard is any indication. Also? Pix of adorable baby chicks!

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