Got Stuff?

SawptreeOf course you do. We all do—and if you’re like me, you don’t have a clue how so much of it got into your life but you know it has to go. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could exchange some of that stuff for stuff you actually want and never have to set foot in a store? That’s not wishful thinking, my friend. You can actually DO THAT on Swaptree! How it works is Swaptree creates trades by matching items that you have (books, music, movies and video games) with other people who want those items and vice-versa. Best of all? It’s FREE. And because there are a frillion people on Swaptree, there’s a ton of stuff available for trade which means there’s a very good chance you’ll score exactly what you want and that someone wants your stuff, too. Short of just not ever buying another book, video game, DVD or CD, SwapTree is one of the greenest options around so get busy and start writing up your wish list!

Find It Here: Swaptree

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