Better Book Buying

logo_email.jpgWhen it comes to buying books, I’m all about the cheap and easy. I could be talking about something else here, but, well, nevermind that… Today, I’m talking about Better World Books, which are cheap, easy, and green.  Sure, other people sell used books and that’s cool, but do they offer FREE shipping within the U.S. and only charge $3.95 to ship worldwide?  Maybe some do, but what about that pesky minimum purchase requirement? BWB’s free shipping offer isn’t just a promotional gimmick. It’s for real ALL of the time.  Plus, BWB books are up to 80% cheaper than new ones AND shopping at BWB means you don’t have to use any gas (and I’m sure the coffee is much cheaper at your place—BONUS!) Simply put, I’m all for anything that can be done right in front of this here screen. In regards to being green and socially responsible, BWB has  saved over 6,000 books from landfills and offsets their shipping environmental costs with carbon offsets from They also share revenues with literacy organizations like Books for Africa. Personally, with options like Better World Books, I can’t think of any reason I would ever buy a new book at a store unless I needed it right away or it was newly released. But?  I’m cheap and lazy, so I could probably wait.  Oh, and did mention BWB sells new books, too? Yep. So…if you’re not at all like me (read: cheap, lazy, willing to wait) you can also buy your NEW books from Better World and feel not-so-bad about it. When you’re done with them? Sell or donate them back to BWB!

Find It Here: Better World Books

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