Healthier Snacks For the Kiddos

spltmn1iprtz_jpg.jpgWhen heading to the park, a walk, or long car ride a snack becomes a necessity in my world. Sometimes, I even share them with my 3 yr old (ha!) which is why I like to make sure, if I am not packing homemade treats, that I buy quality organic and natural snacks.  Thank goodness companies are hearing the cry for wholesome snacks that are not loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other artificial additives I can hardly pronounce. Here is a rundown of a few sure-to-satisfy goodies.

If you prefer a little crunch and salt in your snack, then Happy Herbert’s offers over 30 fun-to-eat snacks. Happy Herbert’s Organic Spelt Mini Pretzels are a crunchy and tasty alternative to conventional modern wheat pretzels.

Find It Here: Happy Herbert’s

cherryberry_sm.pngOr maybe you are the fruit and veggie type person? That’s cool and lucky you, Sensible Foods offers a line of Crunch Dried snacks. Each bag is fat free, 100% natural, gluten and GMO free and nothing but fruit or veggie. Choose from flavors such as 100% Organic Sweet Corn, Cherry Berry, or Apple Harvest. Don’t be surprised if your kids mistake them for candy instead of something healthy. We won’t tell if you wont!

Find It Here: Sensible Foods

Finally, I know there are parents out there saying, “Hey, my kid is allergic to peanuts. What about us?”  Well, a mother in 2005 started a company for that very reason.  Nonuttin’ Foods is a family-run business producing 100% peanut-free snacks, including granola bars. Nonuttin’ Foods maintains very high standards for making sure their products do not come in contact with anything nut-related which means parents of peanut-allergic kids can dole them out, worry free!  As an added bonus, all three of the aforementioned companies are involved with giving back to the community and providing an environmentally-friendly workplace. Happy snacking!

Find It Here: Nonuttin’ Foods

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