Lead-Free Lips!

It has been more than a year since the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported that many popular brands of lipstick contain lead. The FDA said it would conduct an independent investigation but despite repeated calls from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and consumers, as well as pressure from U.S. Senators, the FDA still has not released any data on its own lipstick tests or taken any action to protect consumers from toxic ingredients in cosmetics. In Europe and Canada, cosmetics are regulated but not here in America, which is shameful, although not particularly shocking when you consider that our government also doesn’t see a problem with BPA in baby bottles. So what can you do? Well, one really easy-peasy thing you can do is send a letter to the FDA, letting them know you don’t want lead in your cosmetics. Just click here, fill out the form and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics will send the letter for you. It will take about 15 seconds and your voice will be heard. With any luck, our lips will soon be lead free—but only if we all speak up!

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