Teaching Green

teacher-w180-h2000.jpgWorkbook pages, dittos, Xerox copies…paper, paper, paper!

Anyone who has a child in school knows about the deluge of paper sent home EVERY DAY. Honestly, much of it is needless. I’m not just saying that as the parental recipient of all this stuff, but as a teacher myself.

From the teacher’s standpoint, we have all this great information to share. We don’t want our students to miss a bit of it! I could honestly make a textbook sized handout of all the good info I find for my students. No one wants to shortchange education for green, so what do we do?

I teach at a high school and I try to reduce all the paper by emailing my students their homework as attachments. They type their answers on the homework and send it back to me—no paper! I also have a website with all the documents they can download and save. Added bonus for the teacher: your bag previously full of papers to grade is remarkably lighter and easier to carry (those of you who teach know about those heavy end-of-quarter bags full of papers!)

I would love it if my son’s school would send the PTA letter by email and post other information on their website. Hopefully, with continued nudging, this will eventually be the case. In the meantime, however, we empty our backpacks right over the recycling bin!

Christine Plumer is a 30-something mom, wife and art teacher.  She writes about her attempts at frugality while living green and eating healthier at Living Cheap and Green.   

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