Nature is for The Birds

birdfeeder.pngBefore I met my husband, I never really thought of bird feeding as a hobby or something I would find enjoyable. Turns out a very basic peanut butter pinecone like the one I made in third grade was a simple way to be part of a popular and relaxing hobby. Of course, my husband prefers the more complex bird feeders that prevent squirrels from stealing the seeds but whether you go basic or become an avid birdwatcher, bird feeding is a great hobby for both kids and adults. My young kids enjoy watching the birds fly around and eat from the little feeder attached to our patio (so do my cats, for that matter) and I often find myself slowing down after a hectic day and watching the show. I know…you’re dying to ask what birdhouse is best for your family or backyard, right? Well, for those of us who lean green, a natural edible bird house is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative from those complicated plastic or metal feeders. I especially like the castle bird feeder made from a sunflower seeds, dried apple and orange slices, corn and other delicious treats—for the birds, of course! By providing a yummy little haven for birds to hang out, you get to enjoy nature and the stress relief that comes with it and who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

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Zen Garden Bonsai

Teaching Green

teacher-w180-h2000.jpgWorkbook pages, dittos, Xerox copies…paper, paper, paper!

Anyone who has a child in school knows about the deluge of paper sent home EVERY DAY. Honestly, much of it is needless. I’m not just saying that as the parental recipient of all this stuff, but as a teacher myself.

From the teacher’s standpoint, we have all this great information to share. We don’t want our students to miss a bit of it! I could honestly make a textbook sized handout of all the good info I find for my students. No one wants to shortchange education for green, so what do we do?

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Thinkbaby’s Got it Covered

thinkbaby.gifWith all the reports out there about the dangers of certain plastics, I’m liking stainless steel for feeding products more and more, mainly because I don’t have to worry about remembering which plastics are the safer ones and which ones are NOT. To that end, I’m really very excited that thinkbaby has come out with a complete BPA-free feeding set that includes a bento box, two bowls, and a mug which feature a stainless steel interior and a polypropylene exterior, plus two polypropylene utensils. Yeah, it only comes in one color (bright orange) and yeah it has “thinkbaby” stamped all over it instead of duckies or airplanes but seeing as I’m more concerned with safety than style, I really love it because it’s BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free and melamine-free. As an added green-mom bonus—the containers are great for making a waste-free lunches or carrying snacks on the go. Now that? Is some pretty smart thinking!

Find It Here: thinkbaby

The Green Mom Review is at BlissDom

smileyface.jpgHi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that The Green Mom Review is representin’ the green here at the BlissDom 09 conference in Nashville, TN. For those who don’t know, BlissDom is a great conference for both novice and experienced bloggers and we’re here making new friends, as well as checking out ways to improve what we do here, which we do for YOU! We’ll be back to our regular posting schedule and awesome giveaways starting Monday, February 10.

Nighty Night, Wee Cowpokes

hb.pngWe’ve all heard of classical music as lullabyes and even some rock music retooled as sleepytime fare but country hits as instrumental lullabyes? Heck yeah! If you’re a country music mama (or dada) and even if you’re not, we’re bettin’ the farm you and you’re little one will appreciate the dreamy lullabyes  found on the Hushabye Baby collection of CD’s. Each one is packed with totally relaxing versions of songs from country’s biggest stars. Now, I can assure you I’ve never once considered putting my ‘lil guy to bed with Johnny Cash’s  Ring of Fire or Folsom Prison Blues but the Hushabye versions are downright hummable and soothing! Best of all, there are six artists to choose from and every CD is housed in 100% recycled packaging. Move over, Mozart—there’s a new sheriff in town named Hushabye Baby!

Find It Here:  Hushabye Baby

Win It:  We’re giving away a gift-wrapped set of 4 Hushabye Baby CDs  (lullabye renditions of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and George Strait) Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter HB0209 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: Who are the other two Hushabye artists that are not a part of the gift set prize? Open to US, Canadian and international residents. Enter by 2/19/09. $73 value. Contest Closed. Congratulations to Anne!

Old School Green

2toragemast.jpgWhen I turned eighteen, my mom gave me a large cedar chest as a gift. She used hers for important documents because cedar prevents mold and mildew, which is great because nobody likes mildew, but I don’t think any of my friends were exactly envious of my gift at the time. As it happens, that cedar chest has proven quite useful for storing a couple of my grandmother’s handmade quilts and keeping them in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, the cedar chest is a little impractical for protecting all my clothes. A more compact alternative are natural cedar and lavender blocks by Cedar Fresh. I know…cedar blocks sound so old school right? But you know what’s really old school? Mothballs. Do you really want your treasured coat, the one that looks great with every outfit, or your child’s heirloom baby blankets hanging out with toxic chemicals like naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene (for that special “fruity” smell)? NO! Using cedar and lavender blocks will preserve your clothes and blankets and other items around the house without any toxins. Also? Cedar Fresh makes their cedar blocks from non-endangered red cedarwood and because of the lavender, they smell really good—naturally. Your Grandma’s handmade quilts (and that awesome coat) will thank you!

Find It Here: Cedar Fresh

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