Starting at Square One

square_one_vodka.jpgWhen I think of organic products, I don’t think hard liquor has ever sprung to mind—but lookie! Organic vodka brought to the masses by the good people at Square One Organic Spirits! Let it be known, however, that Square One is not your usual big name liquor company. Why? Well, for starters, Square One vodka comes from organically grown American rye—not mass-produced corn, potatoes, or grapes—and is made with a certified organic fermentation process developed especially for Square One. Additionally, founder Allison Evanow chose to start a company where the bottom line was not profit but social responsibility to the environment and a living a life of quality which is why Square One donates a portion of profits to environmental causes and encourages work-life balance through flex-time and virtual office options. It looks like high-spirited fun and sustainability can go together. Cheers to that!

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Square One Vodka

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