Nature is for The Birds

birdfeeder.pngBefore I met my husband, I never really thought of bird feeding as a hobby or something I would find enjoyable. Turns out a very basic peanut butter pinecone like the one I made in third grade was a simple way to be part of a popular and relaxing hobby. Of course, my husband prefers the more complex bird feeders that prevent squirrels from stealing the seeds but whether you go basic or become an avid birdwatcher, bird feeding is a great hobby for both kids and adults. My young kids enjoy watching the birds fly around and eat from the little feeder attached to our patio (so do my cats, for that matter) and I often find myself slowing down after a hectic day and watching the show. I know…you’re dying to ask what birdhouse is best for your family or backyard, right? Well, for those of us who lean green, a natural edible bird house is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative from those complicated plastic or metal feeders. I especially like the castle bird feeder made from a sunflower seeds, dried apple and orange slices, corn and other delicious treats—for the birds, of course! By providing a yummy little haven for birds to hang out, you get to enjoy nature and the stress relief that comes with it and who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

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Zen Garden Bonsai

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