Let’s Do Organic…Ice Cream Cones

cones1.gifIf there is one thing I can count on when visiting my mother, it’s that she will always have ice cream and ice cream cones on hand. Now don’t be jealous but when I was growing up, we ate ice cream cones practically daily and though I was not blessed with the same “skinny” genes as my mom, I still indulge in the occasional ice cream cone. If you think about it, ice cream cones are really one of the more wholesome novelty food items ever invented and what a clever invention they are because first, they keep you from eating out of the container—hello portion control! Second, cones are cost effective because you can splurge on decadent ice cream and make it last a lot longer with a cone. And finally, you have to admit there is just something fun and satisfying about an ice cream cone. Personally, I prefer a sugar cone and Let’s Do…Organic totally comes through with an organic sugar cone that satisfies every time. Oh, and if you’re craving a little treat, Let’s Do…Organic also offers a line of really yummy organic gummi bears that will tide you over until your next ice cream cone!

 Find It Here: Edward & Sons Trading Company

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