Give Dreams. Not Stuff.

header_dreambank_logo.jpgNow that the holiday season has passed it might be a good time reflect on how to make giving even more meaningful. So often, it seems that we are pressured to buy a lot of useless stuff that the recipients may not even want or need. What if we could give the perfect gift sans gift wrap; something that the person may actually really want?  Stay with me here—what if our dreams could come true?  Enter DreamBank, the ultimate gift registry.  In three easy steps you could be on your way to fulfilling a dream.  1) Think of a dream gift. 2) Post your dream gift. 3) Share your ultimate gift dream with friends and family.  And then tell them to do the same. So what is a dream gift? It could be anything! A quick search of the database finds one woman dreaming of a trip to Australia to visit her sister with breast cancer. Then there’s the couple that dream of owning their own home and the prospective parents close to adopting twins and in need of essential baby items. And finally, my personal fave—the person saving up for a new tattoo! Whether it’s something big, small, or just plain wild and crazy, isn’t giving the right gift better than giving 10 ho-hum gifts that will be regifted or tossed and ultimately forgotten? We think so! Along with helping people dream big, DreamBank gives 10% of all net transaction revenue to charities. Ten percent!  Now excuse me while I do a little dreaming myself…

Find it Here: DreamBank

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