Swaddled in Style

images1211.jpgCloth diapering has come a long way since the days of diaper pins and today’s mamas have it a quite a bit easier with all the various cloth diapering options – prefolds, all-in-ones, pocket, fitted… Personally, my favorite diaper covers are those that grow with your baby from birth to toddlerhood, like the new econappi from Swaddlebees. Because it comes with three sets of height-adjustment snaps on the outside, this diaper fits children from 8-35 lbs. That’s like three years of use out of one diaper! Made with hypoallergenic organic cotton velour on the inside (sooo soft!), the econappi can be used two ways – as a regular diaper cover with an absorbent organic cotton/hemp pad (included) on the inside or as a pocket diaper with the pad inserted in the pocket. Bottom line: this diaper is super soft, versatile, easy to use and comes in some really cute prints, like “pink lemonade” for girls and “blue summer” for boys. Those tired old bad-for-the-environment disposables ain’t got nothin’ on these babies when it comes to style!

Find It Here: Swaddlebees

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