Lunch Container Love

lunchboxcombo.jpgIf you’re a regular reader, you’re probably well familiar with our preference for non-toxic lunchboxes and BPA-free food containers because, well, we just don’t like mixing hazardous chemicals and endocrine disruptors with our food. That’s why we’re huge fans of Healthy Kitchenware, a site that specializes in non-toxic food and drink containers. One of their latest offerings is a stainless steel lunch carrier that comes with a smaller container that is perfect for salad/dressing or anything else that you would normally pack in a standard plastic container or baggie. Because it’s safe stainless steel, no chemicals will leach into your food and the polypropylene lid is a food-safe plastic. Of course, I think it’s awesome but even my tween daughter thinks it’s cool enough to bring to school in her lunchbox and that’s saying a lot!

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