Let’s Talk Underwear

underwear.jpgDid you know that nearly nine million tons of clothing is dumped into America’s landfills every year? NINE. MILLION. TONS. That’s kind of mindblowing, no? Here’s another handy statistic for you… Each pound of recycled clothing saves 1.7 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and we all know eliminating carbon emissions is something that needs to be done wherever and whenever possible. Fortunately, our friends at Ideal Bite have provided us with some excellent resources for  recycling something that you’ve probably never even thought about—your underwear!

  • Project Underwear is a program that collects new and gently used underwear to be distributed personally to poor children in third world countries like India, Ethiopia and Romania. For more details, please visit the Project Underwear website.
  • Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores and donation centers accept donations of clean underwear in good, wearable condition. Visit their websites for more detailed information on donations.
  • Patagonia Common Threads Garment Recycling would like you to send in or drop off your worn-out thermal underwear and other thermal clothing and Patagonia will turn them into NEW apparel. For details, visit the Patagonia website.

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