Jumping on the Bandwagon

It seems everyone else is blogging about the past year, so I was thinking about how we were living cheap and green in 2008.

I’m a big believer in baby steps and doing what you can. It would be great to be the perfect eco-family but let’s get real: it doesn’t work that way. But I do look back at seemingly small things I’ve done that have made an impact.

Probably one of the most noticeable has been our trash level. Months back I joined in on Enviromom’s One Can A Month Challenge. I never expected to lower our level to only one can, but we did! It also led me to investigate composting, and to be much more conscious of buying products with less packaging.

And the up side to the bad economy was that we became more conscious of our driving habits and energy usage.

We have almost stopped using paper towels thanks to our super absorbent kitchen towels (think sham-wow) and by sheer luck, our trash pick up started picking up recyclables #1-7.

We switched over to low flow shower heads and put aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets…and never noticed a difference in performance, just in our water bill.

Lots of little things, over a year…but it has made such a difference in our budget and in our impact to the environment. Living cheap and green is the way to go 🙂

But overall, I think what I am most proud of (and probably have never blogged about?) is that my son is picking up these little habits…and thinking about them. I am proud he rinses his cup and sets it on the counter for later use instead of using 5 or 6 cups a day, and that he turns the tv off when he’s done watching, and puts recyclables in the bin.

So my assessment of the past year? Pretty good job…except I still haven’t made homemade yogurt yet! (See March 24th’s entry!) Sounds like I have a New Year’s resolution…

Happy New Year!

Christine Plumer is a 30-something mom, wife and art teacher.  She writes about her attempts at frugality while living green and eating healthier at Living Cheap and Green.   

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