Five Green Men to Love

brad_pitt_shirtless-1258-w180-h2000.jpgEverybody loves a hot star that supports a good cause! We’ve seen stars associated with AIDS, political campaigns, children’s hospitals, etc., and now it seems that everyone’s going green. The following  men have been involved from the beginning and have done a lot to bring attention to the environment:

Leonardo DiCaprio: Founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which focuses on global warming and it’s environmental impact. He flies commercial airlines and sports a Toyota Prius. He recently auctioned off his $300,000 watch to benefit his charity.

Robert Redford: He’s been an activist for thirty years, bringing awareness to issues such as: the climate, condition of the Utah wilderness, and the many uses for solar energy. He’s recently slotted time on his Sundance Channel for eco-shows.

George Clooney: He’s fighting to change American’s dependence on oil, and involved in many of his friends’ environmental charities. He was the first person to own the Tango electric car.

Edward Norton: Norton comes from a family of environmentalists. He provides solar power technology to low income homes and hosts a National Geographic series on global environmental problems.

Brad Pitt: He has been actively involved in rebuilding New Orleans with environmentally friendly housing. He and Angelina live there with their children when they’re not traveling the world supporting other causes.

Author Patricia Wooster is the founder of the Project Organic Eating blog, where healthy eating meets affordability!

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